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Region Name:
Warrior Region:
While Ydelians occasionnally leave Ydeli for food and various supplies, they see little reason to live in another region, giving them little incentive to invade. While in Ydeli, they also have no reason to fight, as the only invasion attempt failed when the invaders froze and starved to death. However, they do have two skills that they can, and do, use for safety. The first is escape, as Ydelians can run fast on their snowshoes, while pursuers from other regions attempt to lumber through the snow after them. The second is their accuracy at throwing darts. When hunting plenerts, Ydelians feel that they must give their prey a quick, painless death, in return for the resources the plenerts supply them with. Therefore, they spend countless hours practising with their throwing darts to ensure accuracy to achieve this objective.
Official Language:
While all Ydelians can speak basic Noradian, their primary language is lissian. Lissian is
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Whispering, prancing, floating, dancing,
Gently meandering through a dark nightmare.
Drifting ethereal, nary a stumble,
Pure innocence surrounded by dark terror.
A wisp of light, a high sweet note,
Surrounded by somber gloom.
Delicately, gently, precisely, perfectly
Gliding to unheard music
Gliding through dark trees, fleetingly brushing leaves,
Caressing supple ferns, slipping through each turn.
Hearing gentle teardrops as yet unfallen,
Gentle sobs as soft as satin,
Trailing after heartbreak newly broken
Following an outcome still uncertain
Reaching a clearing starlit bright,
Full of flowers exuding light,
Ringed with trees still uncut,
A precious glade no longer secret
Seeing a fair maiden, broken but not beaten,
Her hope shining through her tears, her courage hiding all her fears
Whispering, prancing, floating, dancing
Gently meandering to end her nightmare
Gently stroking, softly caressing,
Cautiously comforting fears away.
Head raises, eyes widen, lips part in surprise
Starts to s
:iconmenotmyselfori:menotmyselfori 3 24
Empty tears swept away in a flood of rage,
Gentle slaps from words so cruel.
Uselessly clawing at an unseen cage,
And fighting back gives the fire fuel.
Worthless dreams and hoping friendships,
Hard mocking stabs said by all around.
No-one can assuage my teardrops,
As synthetic laughter abounds.
Barren efforts devoid of effort,
Constantly pushing me away.
Always trying to be perfect,
Yet once again, shan't be today.
This never seems to be worth it,
So why do I keep thinking I'll win?
For to hoping, I'm addicted,
Yet will achieve naught in this lifetime.
I keep trying, keep on hoping,
I keep climbing to reach new heights.
I keep hoping to prevail,
Yet cause myself more new blights.
I thought I was safe,
When surrounded by friends.
Yet now as verbal bruises chafe,
I see it all was just a pretense.
:iconmenotmyselfori:menotmyselfori 1 16
I am a bagel...
I am a bagel,
Rolling everywhere.
And I'm happy,
although everyone stares.
I am a bagel,
With cream cheese and pie.
And I'm varied,
Such as white, sesame or rye.
I am a bagel,
For anyone to eat.
And I'm epic,
Because bagels can't be beat.
I am a bagel,
Round and yummy.
And my best place,
Is in your tummy.
I am a bagel
With all sorts of flavours,
And taking just a few
Will do you no favors.
I am a bagel,
And I like you,
Try eating me,
And you'll like me, too.
Aaaah, don't eat me!
:iconmenotmyselfori:menotmyselfori 8 49
Aren't we all somehow special?
Each of us, with something unusual?
Yet no-one's perfect, least of all I,
So who am I to wonder why;
If we're all special, yet unperfect
Is trying still truly worth it?
Since they're opposing yet believable,
So these thoughts are invaluable.
So who are we to wonder why;
If anyone's truly special,
If anyone should still be hopeful,
If anyone can be beautiful,
Yet are these thoughts truly truthful?
So are we special yet still common?
Synonymous men and women,
Seeming special, yet the same
Indistinguishable even by name.
:iconmenotmyselfori:menotmyselfori 2 24
Who Sees Me?
Perhaps I'm seen.
  Perchance not.
   It all depends,
    On what you've thought.
     For truth is perception,
      Fogged in gray.
       For so many deceptions,
        So easily hold sway.
         So was I seen?
          Or was it a lie?
           No-one sees,
            As I slowly cry.
             For deception is easy,
              The trust yet unseen.
               With a clear percept
:iconmenotmyselfori:menotmyselfori 5 8
S'he' be'lie've'd'
She believed
The promises he made.
And in tears,
He was paid.
He lied
to gain her trust.
As he felt,
That he must.
She believed
His empty words.
Sharper than
The hardest swords.
He lied
To look cool.
All he did
Was be a fool.
She believed
She was loved.
A dirty blow,
From above.
He lied,
about himself.
To show off
///His fake wealth/fake stealth/advice needed here///
She believed
In all he said.
That's why, now,
Her heart is dead.
He lied
To feel good.
But it rotted
His heart of wood.
She believed
In love at first sight.
But all her hopes,
Have taken flight.
He lied
With words unspoken.
That is why, now,
Her heart is broken.
She believed.
He lied.
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:iconsiartha: You are awesome. Very awesome. Super awesome. Thank you.
Also, I now have a llama! :)


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